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Speaking and Counseling




Dr. Adrian Calabrese is available for speaking engagements. Her personable, conversational style is easy to understand, nondeonminational, and appeals to audiences of all spiritual paths. 


Get in touch with her for general information, previous client and topics lists, and to book engagements, on the Contact page, at this website, or email at





 Theocentric Intuitive Psychology


Theocentric Intuitive Psychology is an alternative to traditional/scientific Clinical Psychology, and is entirely a spiritual therapy, using positive spiritual psychology and philosophy to help people solve emotional, spiritual and physical problems, through God-centered techniques, such as affirmative prayer, and meditation. It does not focus on any one religion or belief system, but rather it includes assistance from our Highest Guidance that exists within all of us. It is not intended for people with serious mental illnesses, but for those struggling with life's everyday challenges, wanting to find solutions through spiritual means, and to live a more fulfilling spiritual life. It is not for entertainment purposes, not a psychic reading, and differs from one, in that it combines intuitive information with positive spiritual psychology, to guide us in dealing with and solving life's issues. 


 Theocentric Intuitive Counseling Sessions

with Dr. Adrian Calabrese


Please note: All sessions are by telephone.


Dr. Calabrese is a spiritual counselor, and therefore, her sessions are not covered by traditional insurance. All sessions are to be paid by the client.


 Fee: $75 per 30-minute telephone session.  


Payments:  The only means of payment is through PayPal, in advance of the session. Instructions for payment will be given via email, when the session is requested. PayPal can accept fees whether you have a PayPal account or not.


Refund/Rescheduling Policy: No refunds are given, but rescheduling is possible, with 24 hour notice. After that time, no rescheduling is possible, and the fee is forfeited.


Please contact Dr. Calabrese for further information, or if you wish to book a session, via the Contact page, at this website, or at