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Books are available at online booksellers, and in stores, and now How to Get Everything You Ever Wanted and Sacred Signs are in e-book form, available on , for Kindle and PC’s!

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How To Get Everything You Ever Wanted

Get everything you ever wanted in 6 easy steps

Love, money, cars, homes, even good health – discover how to get whatever you desire in 6 easy steps.

Within you lies the secret of your dreams – powerful spiritual and intuitive reserves that allow you to achieve your goals and transform your life. Learn how you can begin immediately to manifest everything you want or need with the step-by-step approach presented by Dr. Adrian Calabrese.

 Follow the sure-fire 6-step method for drawing whatever you want into your life
 Use any of the 60 affirmations to help you manifest your goals
 Discover your hidden talents and creative abilities, and use them to give your manifesting work a final blast of energy
 Learn ways to ensure that your request to the universe has been transmitted

Hundreds of her clients and students have achieved outstanding practical results using the methods in How to Get Everything You Ever Wanted, which includes interactive workbook sections. Available in Spanish as Obtenga Exito.

 USA PRICE $24.00    INTERNATIONAL $34.00    

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10 Spiritual Steps to a Magical Life

Awaken to a new life in 10 simple steps

Learn how to tap into your extraordinary divine power to create a joyful, abundant life. Begin a simple practice that will transform even the most mundane task into a magical event, leading you toward greater fulfillment in your everyday life. As you begin to integrate these principles into your life, the accompanying lessons, reflections, and affirmations reinforce each step and create positive, lasting changes.

 Follow the 10 steps and see your life change in a very special way
 You will become happier and more sensitive to others
 You will notice that you suddenly attract whatever your heart desires

Dr. Adrian Calabrese has helped hundreds of others unleash their spiritual power to achieve their greatest potential and create miracles in their lives. Now with 10 Spiritual Steps to a Magical Life, you can, too!

Available in Spanish as Pasos hacia una vida mágica y espiritual, and in French as, 10 étapes spirituelles vers une vie magique.

 USA PRICE $24.00    INTERNATIONAL $34.00    

Sacred Signs

(Available in bookstores and online, January, 2006)

Hear, see, and believe your messages from the universe

Those who have the ability to make direct contact with the universe, intrigue us. Now everyone can. Sacred Signs teaches an easy 3-step method of how to ask for and receive clear, understandable signs, and how to recognize and interpret them. Dr. Calabrese has taught this technique to hundreds of people to help them get real answers from the all-knowing power in the universe. It works for anyone, believer or nonbeliever alike. A modern-day tool full of practical advice, the book’s easy approach can be mastered in minutes, for a lifetime of invaluable, knowledge and power. It gives examples of success stories, and demonstrates in detail how to formulate questions, and get accurate results.

 Get all the answers to your most pressing questions
 Tap into the extraordinary power of the universe simply by asking for it
 Learn to formulate questions to get accurate, rapid results
 See signs of divine messages everyday, everywhere, even when you don’t ask for them

Sacred Signs will be one of the most valuable books you will ever read. It will change your life forever, give you peace of mind, and help you life the life of your dreams, with divine, accurate guidance from the universe.

 USA PRICE $22.00    INTERNATIONAL $32.00    

Now Available on CD!

Meditations, Reflections and Affirmations on Compact Disc

Special 2-Disc Set!

Only Shipping to The Continental US

Now In Stock

Meditations, Reflections and Affirmations
The author guides you through the meditations, reflections, and affirmations from her book, 10 Spiritual Steps to a Magical Life, to help soothe the mind and reach into the depths of the soul

 Track Listing ~ Meditations
Track 1: Introduction
Track 2: Breathing Meditation Introduction
Track 3: Breathing Meditation
Track 4: Open-Eyed Meditation Introduction
Track 5: Open-Eyed Meditation
Track 6: Candle Meditation Introduction
Track 7: Candle Meditation
Track 8: Ohm Meditation Introduction
Track 9: Ohm Meditation
Track 10: Spiritual Healing Meditation Introduction
Track 11: Spiritual Healing Meditation
Track 12: Chakra Meditation Introduction
Track 13: Chakra Meditation
Track 14: List of 10 Affirmations

 Track Listing ~ Reflections
Track 1: Introduction
Track 2: Step One: Accept Your Power - Reflection #1 - Part I
Track 3: Reflection #1, Part II, Affirmation #1
Track 4: Step Two: Take Action - Reflection #2, Affirmation #2
Track 5: Step Three: Find Your Teachers - Reflection #3, Affirmation #3
Track 6: Step Four: Commit To Growth - Reflection #4, Affirmation #4
Track 7: Step Five: Live Magically - Reflection #5, Affirmation #5
Track 8: Step Six: Share the Wealth - Reflection #6, Affirmation #6
Track 9: Step Seven: Express Your Spirit - Reflection #7, Affirmation #7
Track 10: Step Eight: Keep Learning - Reflection #8, Affirmation #8
Track 11: Step Nine: Exude Love - Reflection #9, Affirmation #9
Track 12: Step Ten: Give Thanks - Reflection #10, Affirmation #10
Track 13: Conclusion
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